I received some BAL TRC10 tokens to my TW

hello, I recieved 709 BAL tokens to my Trust Wallet, but I don’t know what is it and what should I do now?
Transaction hash from Tronscan:
Trust Wallet Version: 1.27.19

Hello @FRIX,

Upon checking, it is a fake token. Balancer does not have any TRC10 token, they only run on Ethereum (https://twitter.com/BalancerLabs). Also, the website that the scammer entered for the token information is a phishing page. Please be careful! Never share your recovery phrase with anyone.

Learn more here:

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Thank You so much for your reply @iamdeadlyz . Should I leave it in my wallet or delete it somehow? :slight_smile:

You can simply ignore it. It cannot hurt your wallet in any other way.

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Hello, i also have some tokens trc10 from airdrop.

Its showing received trx but not showing in balance…