I still have assets under BEP2 BNB but have no fund under BNB to swap to BNB smart chain

I still have assets under BEP2 BNB but have no fund under BNB to swap to BNB smart chain.
Please advise what should I do, I can’t afford losing my assets. Please help


Hello I imported dream BNB BEP20 token my trust wallet, but I was unable to swap my coin to BNB. I have contacted dream to earn, they said I should contact trust wallet. The issue is when I try to transfer the said insufficient balance, but I have over 80,000 dream coin.

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@Henry25 Can you provide your receiving address ?

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Here is my receiving wallet address dream to earn wallet address


@Henry25 You need BNB to cover gas fees when you try to send a token out.

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I want to send bitcoin now but the gas fee is too high ,$400 for internet fee. And i want to send $700

@Letdemsay16 I’d advise to wait till the fees are lower before sending your transaction.
It is also not advisable to reduce the recommended gas fee by the app as it could cause long pending transactions.

Thanks very much I really appreciate. Without me having BNB for gas fee I can’t be able to send a token out?

@Henry25 You need gas fees for every transaction on the blockchain.
The Trust wallet app does not charge a fee but there is a network fee that will be paid to the miners.
Once you try and send an amount, it automatically calculates the fees.

I see that I need to also apply the suggested steps in the wallet (page named " How to Migrate Your BEP2 Assets to BEP20")
to move BNB funds from Beacon to BSC.

However, there’s no mention about staking in the link.
Do I need to unstake the funds first, hence having to wait for 7 days?

Is there a deadline for this movement of funds?

@xmar Unstaking takes 7 days so you’d need to wait for 7 days first till your BNB becomes available.


Hey Tobi,

It appears that I have the same issue. I have a couple hundred dollars in my BNB account and the prompt in the trust wallet says to swap to smart chain BNB asap. When I go to do the transaction, it gives me an error that the amount should be positive? What do I need to do to finish this transaction?

@bassmaster007 Can you please submit a support ticket here:

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