I want to know my private keys

you should add feature to display every addesses private key. why I can not find them!? what happen if your server down and then I can not access to my coins. do not say seed is here. it is not enough because if your server get down I can not use seed in any other wallet!


Hello @billing check this article for clarification: Does Trust Wallet Hold my Funds?

Your funds are not stored to Trust Wallet servers but blockchain, Trust wallet allows you to access an address and make transactions out of it by using your Recovery Phrase .

All your private keys are derived from your 12 word recovery phrase. No need to export individual private keys for each asset.

If you want to extract individual private keys from 12 word recovery phrase, you can use this 3rd party tool: BIP39 - Mnemonic Code (Make sure you switch off internet connection and clear browsing history before restoring internet connection).

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Can private phrase be updated? I would like to update mine, I believe someone scammer might have access to it

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Hello @Solo29 recovery phrase can’t be updated. If the current wallet is compromised, you have to create new wallet and transfer your funds from old to new wallet.