Ideas on tx organise, features for trading and marks on UX of app

Little time ago i post that idea on telegram chat and now i want it to take place here, so maybe community will like that idea and it will move team to think about it implemintation in app.
So there is many tx, that we made on every day, and while blockchain remembers all - people doesnt.
My idea is to create some space for user to organise his tx with labels, based on user needs:
#formom or #binance withdraw will help to sort things a little in memory.
In my opinion, wallet got plenty of space to grow in the way of statisticks for user and to make count on everyday spendings/trading.
This is a organic way to grow, that many bank apps (thats old version wallets, you know)) use today, so model can be just exported from market products out there for integrate in app as a complete separate block.
In order to use # in ui, as i see it user can search his categories in search string and app will list labels and will show all tx that labeled with it from new to old. On separate tx info page there will be a button “+#” that will allow to add label from list or make new one. So if tx already labeled, there is still be a “+#” button, “#alreadyherelabel” and “clear” button. Also, will be cool if at top of main screen will be new category (folio/stats). In that window user can navigate thru some # and see some major stats (wich i will later post idea about).

Thanks for reading, hope you like idea) If not, please feel free to write down a longread why, will be cool to see other side explained.


So secondly, as a wallet app there is huge financial stats that can be used in order to help people control they investments and trades.
Will be a truly delicious to see some features:

  1. Please make a :star: “favorites” in swap pairs and dex trades in order to help navigate thru lists. Maybe and option to pin some at top will be cool and easyer to implement?
  2. I know that its not first on list to do, but a chart with candels and volume in dex exchange will be a atomic bomb upgrade. Is there any way to integrate some market solution?
  3. P/L calculation in certain pair on All time or maybe just net cost calculated in app will be a cool helper too.
  4. And yes, price alerts are cool too see. Not sure is there any on fullfilment of order too.
  5. As i understand Binance dex order used in app is a basic type, that is 72 hours lifelong cycle. Will be good to see in order history and open orders list time stamp of start order and time stamp of fullfilment.
  6. A link for binance dex docs inside app exchange page in right upper corner within “i” icon will be a cool feature too.
  7. If it possible and relevant, please consider to integrate in app link to Binance academy, maybe even cross links on some terms in app like that Seo type.
    Will be continued…

In order to detail my inquiry, I would like to text a little more about some of ideas mentioned above:
So in 4. bullet there is a Price alert feature, that can be described as two separate ideas:

  1. A automated price alert that is triggered by volatility rise/fall, when it comes fast and big movement. So if some token alarms at getting price that its more then 5% per 15 minutes price move app will get notification to user. To make it more delicate and not show user that altcoin with low cap and no interest lets say this alert will work only for tokens that is in users wallet.
  2. Second model is user alerts, so i must make a note to app, that if price of btc will reach 12k$ again app will send me push.

IMO 1 is better for integrate first) But i’m interested in community opinion. So lets make a little vote:

  • 1 Automated Alerts
  • 2 User Alerts

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Which you will want to see more and find more helping?


So today about that 6. and 7. idea - it will be cool and very friendly to new users if on that screen will be 2 buttons added:

  1. link to Binance Academy
  2. link to Binance Dex official docs
    If there will be some pre screen, as it is in some apps when user that first time open that section wil see a hint to this two buttons with other explanation on ui.

If there will be possibility please consider to integrate links to binance academy glossary in app on some pages, that people can click on fees/tx, other new word for them, and see relevant information. This feature must have on/off button in settings, so expirienced users can pass it.


Nice information. Keep it up… Awesome​:blush::clap:

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#3 idea is core in my opinion, because there is a trade profit, that must be calculated, i think that have option to see what net cost is it in USD/BTC is vital.
It will be very cool feature too add in wallet.
And by second thougt i know taht its pain in a… idea, because team must stack some info on deals, historycal data and such, but hey, team up with cmc on please, they now in same ecosystem, as i know.
Net cost must have feature to be adjusted based on user data, so in order to so, i think there is a chance to use a page in preferences → Folio (new page) → Base invest cost → list of tokens → selected one with box to paste any cost (fiat/crypto) and date. That will help calculate Net cost of custom assets or if somebody trade them for long time.
P/L is more delicate thing( I dont know how correct describe my views on it, but again, there is some cool solutions in binance exchange margin/futures ui. If team can, i will advise to chat with this devs about implementation in Trust wallet feature like that.


While using app after several updates and some further trading expirience, i found some other idea, to share about improvments.
I was trading some lowcaps here and there with small orders on Binance Dex (like 0.1 bnb), and while i was waiting for order to be fullfilled, i just disable wallet for this particular token(
So order is done, but i dont see it, because no notifications are here about it.

So idea, that i think need to be implemented in some way is idea that wallet for every coin/token if there is some amount more then 0 must be marked somehow in list. Like some glow around or other color of slider. I think it will help to maintain trading/money more effictive.
Order fullfilment notifications will also help in this case.
As i remember, there was some feature like auto show wallet if there is something, but it was before couple updates ago, and now i dont understand quite right how it works. If you know or see logic in today organisation system, please let me know about it, maybe i just dont use it right.

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hello, while watching chats, i find that many people didn’t understand properly swap function and there is no shortcuts to go trade at coin page. Please team, think about this suggestions

  1. There will be cool indicator like “can be swapped\can’t be swapped” by place button (shortcut)(icon) of Kyber\Binance (if there is a pair) to help people understand they possibility with tokens they have.
  2. Please if you don’t like idea of shortcut to trade pair in upper string, mind about add it in “…” button, that you have in some coins.

This screenshot is there to ask\propose idea to export pairs information for kyber/binance.dex on stat page like others there.


This is picture for upcoming post.

Dear team, while i explore app you make me suddenly move to trade from trust only) Bye bye, cex, was fun, but own money is better.

But, guys, this bring me to some topics that already mention above and some new ones:
As i remember, there was a feature to show orders at coin page “flow” space, there was like “place order” tx. It wasn’t perfect, and in update it was hidden again.

Now while activly trading on dex and manually form the folio, with Blockfolio app (quite pain, but they list twt pair from dex, after my request), i think that users must have some “pro” view for this section, that will expand info of tx to maximum in strings, so i dont need to tap on every tx to see stats/info like time, amount, pair, etc, while work with folio, like adding tx that maded thru day.

As we all know Trust wallet app got plenty (4, as i remember sources of prices). Is there any possibility to make switch between sources avalible for users via settings menu?
As example: i trade on binance dex, while app is showing me prices from cmc, that sometime disturbs, and gives me wrong data. If i can choose my price source for pair or/main page at all it will be quite useful, may i assume.

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Hello, is there an chance to add links to help center articles on how to stake X asset? I think link can be implemented on icon (2) or at text mark (1).
And i would like to thanks team for implementation of alerts)

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