Importing account

Please I am trying to import my Trustwallet to MetaMask and it’s asking for my private keys, unfortunately I can’t lay my hands on the keys.

I can only find the pass phrase and that won’t work.
Is there other way to go about it please?

Thank you


Hello @Osun
You can import your recovery phrase into Metamask.
You aren’t able to now because you already have an existing account on your Metamask app.
You can use the guide here to derive your Private key through the Iancoleman website

what if i forget my phrases my current wallet but i use same device because i just repair it the information on my phone was format and i cant recover my trustwallet i forgot the phrases

@erica03 Unfortunately no, you won’t be able to access your wallet if you forget your phrase hence the reason we always implore users to backup their 12 phrases after creating a wallet.