Incorrectly sent 0x (ZRX) tokens to my Theta wallet address

I’m new. I just sent 8000 Zerox coins from Coinbase to my Theta Fuel address on Trust Wallet…

I was supposed to send it to my Zerox wallet first but instead sent it to my Theta Fuel Wallet… Now it is just in limbo… Do you know how to get it back?


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Hi @jazzyjmj,

To better assist, please provide us the following information:

  1. Trust Wallet app version (go to settings and press “About”)
  2. Crypto address
  3. Transaction ID

It is Version 5.9

Transaction ID? Where would I find that?

Which Crypto Address do you need? (The Theta Fuel Wallet, Zerox Wallet)

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It’s like a receipt. You can get the transaction ID/hash/link by going to the transaction history. It’s mixed with numbers and letters.

Also, please provide both crypto addresses (copy and paste). Include a screenshot as well.

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Please follow this guide: How To Recover Funds Sent to a Wrong Public Address

I am trying to follow the directions to the link you sent me… However, it is asking me to input the coin that I accidentally sent my funds to… Which coin are they asking for Zerox or TFuel?

Either way, neither Zerox or Tfuel is listed in the Coin selection menu… Where do I find the Zerox and TFuel coin?

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Here’s a quick overview on what you should do:

  • Get your recovery phrase
  • Enter it into the website
  • Select ETH
  • Scroll down and find the “Derivation Path”
  • Choose BIP32
  • Enter this in the bip32 derivation path: m/44'/500'/0'/0
  • Scroll down and find the address with its corresponding private key
  • Import it to the Trust Wallet app as ETH wallet and select private key
  • The app will automatically scan and display the ZRX. If not, search for it and enable it. You can follow this guide: How to Add or Remove a Coin

P.S. Never share your recovery phrase and private keys to us nor to anyone else. Please keep it to yourself.

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Doesn’t this derivation path correspond to Theta Fuel?

If I am needing to recover my Zerox coins, wouldn’t I need a derivation path that corresponds to Zerox instead of Theta Fuel??

You sent it to your Theta address, thus, you need to get the private key of that one. Not the 0x (ZRX).

Ok, I understand now and I did get my private key. Now I need help on how to import into the Trust Wallet.

Are you saying that I need to go into my Ether wallet and click on “Receive”, in order to receive the tokens??

No. Please follow this guide: How to Import a Wallet via Private Key

My Trust Wallet is saying that the Private Key is too short and requires at least 64 letters/numbers.

I entered the Extended BIP 32 Private Key… Is that the right one to enter or am I supposed to scroll down further to the Derivation Paths listed below and use the Private Key listed ?

Scroll down further and find the Theta address that you used (usually, it is displayed on the very top of the list). Get the private key based on the row of that address.

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Thank you so much!!! IT WORKED!!! I got my money back… Thank you SO MUCH!!!

Great! Glad to know that. If you have further inquiries, feel free to contact us here. Stay SAFU!

WAIT! All my other coins are gone! Where is my Digibyte and Vechain?? Everything is gone??


It’s in your other wallet. You can go to settings > wallets > then choose your main wallet.

OK! Phew! That scared me… Thanks Again!

No worries, buddy. Have a happy holidays as well!~

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