Inquiry regarding swapping assets

I have had the same issue as above (out 3bnb) and its been close to a month and no resolve. Now I did a few swwps and half of my wallet value disappeared instantly. And regardless of trading costs I dont think it costed $400 for my trade. Beware

That’s likely happen due to price slippage. We do not control It.
kindly read about dex trading risks,

And for anyone asking. yes my address was right and yes I had a memo. it was bnb not chain and the transaction was marked as a success. Yes people you can find transaction history in and out of your wallet but good luck finding anything for doing in wallet swaps. unfortunately I might continue on with coinswap although I do prefer binance platform $2400 lost in a month no thx

Kindly provide us the following details for better assistance,

  1. Your Trust wallet app version (Click on setting > about & take an screenshot. attach It here.)
  2. Your Crypto address. ( Click on receive near to send option. Take a screenshot, Attach It here)
  3. Transaction Hash / ID ( If you have any)
  4. Screenshot from the wallet. (Errors, if any)
  5. Explanation of your Issue.

Above is the app version, my address and the tx to my binanceus acct. Three bnb were sent from wallet and never received.

Here is a interesting update. I swapped out the coin I lost the $400 on back to bnb and miraculously my wallet value jumped up $200. unfortunately not what I initially lost but i’m definitely confused.

Where did you get this address: bnb10749k3j3lk763s9amgfhtyf72pfggf22x7glc0? Is this an exchange deposit address?

this is my deposit address apparently. I juat pulled it up and this is what comes up

In that case, contact the customer support of that exchange since they have your cryptos. Confirmed transactions in the blockchain are irreversible, so you have to check with them if it is retrievable.