Insufficient BNB to cover network fee

When i try to swap, trade or withdraw from Trust wallet , this message occurs * Insufficient BNB to cover network fee *. Why its compulsory to hold BNB to pay fee? Is there any other way?


no trust wallet needs fee . but if u are trying to send erc20 token then choose eth wallet and import it … got it bro @Dilshad

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Please give a complete guidelines


tell me can i help u

I have the same problem please help I can’t do any transaction

I don’t have any bnb to pay the fees but I have another coin in my wallet I have arn

I have the same problem bro

so buy little bnb binance or binance dex …arn token

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How can I do that? I am new in it.

just watch some videos on youtube…how to buy bnb and how to send token through trust wallet

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Thanks it’s like pretty complicated I have pesos argentinos in this moment and we have a lot of restrictions to buy crypto

ya thats why i am saying to u first gain knowledge my friend

yes, you need BNB to move BEP2 tokens or ETH for erc tokens. this is something i hate, especially the expensive eth network. :weary:

Please give guidelines I’m having the same issue

If you make any transaction using Binance chain like trading, send to other wallet, etc. you need some BNB to pay for the transaction fees, that is how it works. But dont worry BNB has very low fee, may last TX only cost 0.000375 BNB not even cents.

It depends on which blockchain you’re using, for example if you use erc tokens then you have to pay eth as gas fee while bep2 chain based token requires bnb as fee. This isn’t the fee of TRUST WALLET. You have to pay these fees in order to make a transaction.


You need to buy bnb first but good thing is in trust wallet bep2 network fees is low yesterday my transection fee was 0.00005bnb :slight_smile:


insufficient bnb not cover free you but bnb and make a traseation

So in love with the feature that enables us to convert small coins to BNB!!

How much bnb needed to send a 16800 twt?.thanks