Insufficient smart chain (BNB) to cover network fee

I need help please!

I tried sending Eth to an address and i was unable to send. I have gone through the different topics on this issue but I’m unable to resolve it. My Eth is BEP20, if i try to swap Eth to get BNB, same issue insufficient smart chain (BNB) to cover network fee. Same issue if i try to swap to Eth to Binance chain.


You need bnb smart chain(bep 20) as gas fee


You can read this for better understand on how to get bnb smart chain

(How to Send and Receive BNB on Smart Chain)

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Thank you. But it still work.

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Hi @Teeknow,

To clarify, do you still need assistance with this one?

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Yes i still need assistance

All transactions in the network requires Smart Chain BNB (BEP20) for network fees. Since you don’t have the sufficient amount that kind of error will be displayed.

That being said, please send your Smart Chain BNB address.



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Please try to transact again.

Received. Thank you very much. I have a question, should i first swap my Entherum BEP20 to Binance Chain or go ahead to make the transfer?

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Where are you planning to transfer your ETH (BEP20) tokens?

I was planning on sending part of it to Quidax. It still saying insufficient smart chain to cover network fee. I tried to swap to Binance chain still same issue.

Please make sure that Quidax is indeed accepting ETH (BEP20) tokens. You will likely lose your funds if you send to an unsupported exchange. Also, please send a screenshot that shows the “insufficient fee” error.

How can i go about it then?

Just to make sure…have you verified whether they accept ETH (BEP20) tokens or not? Please check first.

That i can confirm by sending a tiny bit to address. Anyway i will just leave it in trust wallet.

Alright, you can try again.

Hello, I am having the same problem.
Need support if any one could help me get out of this.

Hello, I am having the same problem of insufficient covering network fee.
Help me in getting out of this

Smart chain deposit address: