Insuficient fee

Hi, I am trying to transfer LINK to Binance, but it doesn’t let me.

Please help me by transfering me the fee. My LINK is locked.


Hi @Vanessatrust,

You need to have more ETH in your wallet so you can pay for the gas fees. Learn more here:

You can buy using the app or withdraw from an exchange like Binance


Why isn’t it simply reduced from the amount of LINK I have?
I never payed ETH fee to put inside my wallet, why do I need it to take it out?
Take it out from my LINK.
I don’t want to do do anymore transactions in my life. This wallet thing is a nightmare.


Centralized exchanges can do that, non-custodial (decentralized) wallets can’t. You are interacting directly with the blockchain. With CEX, they can simply handle those via their balance sheet and etc.

You have to learn more as you venture in this space.


There is a huge problem here.
I don’t even have enough money inside the wallet to make the swap because guess what, there is another fee there.

And from Binance, the minimum amount of ETH that Binance allows to transfer to my wallet is HUGE compared to the fee I need to pay. If I do that, I am gonna have exactly the same problem again.


The fees are high right now since there is an influx of transactions in the Ethereum blockchain. Also, the miners are raising the required gwei so they can process those transactions.


Even if the fee was low…
Binance allows me to transfer the minimum of 0.3 ETH to the wallet. That’s a huge sum of money compared to the fee I have to pay. Than I have no clue of how I am gonna take out the ETH is gonna be left in the wallet. Gonna have to pay another fee, what if there is insufficient money for the fee again? This will go forever.

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I feel you, I am an active user of the Ethereum blockchain as well. Unfortunately, that’s how things work. You can edit the gwei and lower it, however, it will take a lot of time for it to be confirmed.


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will it be fail or lost?
what will be the recommend ratio to reduce?
please help me

Depends. Read here:

  1. Why is my ETH transaction fee so high?
  2. How to Change the ETH Gas Fee