IOTX Tokens not showing

I have did two IOTX transactions with ETH on uniswap and both fail to show for this token on my trust wallet… Uniswap shows successful transactions on etherscan. I’m not techie and need help.
0x1f5f5fcfa3b443d5625e6fac73745a83ea5bc12ee6ada9a37cf45c0e1e5d798b (hash) is first one.
0xa28a5b3afd9438d62b0adf5ef67d653f5553a4847c2b22462ea0212e10330f49 (hash) is second one.
Looking for help for my trust wallet.

Hello @Bull1, Please try to add it as custom token. Here are the steps that you can do to manually add the token: How to Add a Custom Token

Token details:-
Contract: 0x6fb3e0a217407efff7ca062d46c26e5d60a14d69
Decimals: 18

Alan47, Thanks for reaching out. You help me find my issue and problem solved. Thanks TW for support.

Great! Glad to know that. If you have further inquiries, feel free to message us. Stay SAFU!

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