Is there a way to create a second BNB wallet?

On one day in August, and three so far in October, I received in my Trust Wallet very small BNB amounts (aka “dust”) from four different addresses. I believe this is a dust attack, and as I’ve read on Binance’s What Is a Dusting Attack, this has been happening lately with BNB. It seems the only thing one can do about it is to NOT use (spend or move) the dust. Further, it seems perhaps one should just no longer use this particular BNB wallet. I could not find a facility in Trust Wallet to help deal with dust attacks. For example, does Trust Wallet let you “freeze” the dust so you don’t accidentally spend or move it? Or, can you create a second BNB wallet to use and leave the dust by itself in its wallet so you won’t spend or move it?

Thanks for the help!


I must say that’s also the same thoughts I have. If only BNB is like BTC that the receiving address changes for every transaction, just maybe we can still use the wallet even though there is dust attack. I again received this small amount of BNB today.
We wait Trust Wallet Team.

Just don’t follow th url that is available on the transaction explorer, something kinda like that
If you don’t want to receive those bnb, you can still create a new wallet and move your funds but I guess this won’t help you as your bnb address is a public address


Hi @ratatosk,

There is no “Do not spend” feature nor the ability to mark suspicious funds and leave them while creating a new wallet.

I encourage you to post your suggestion here: Ideas - Trust Wallet, cheers!

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Thank you for the feedback. I went ahead and created another wallet just for holding BNB and called the whole wallet “Undusted BNB”. I also submitted the suggestion for adding some more features to Trust Wallet to handle dust attacks. Best regards, ratatosk.

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