is trust wallet still being worked on?

It seems like development has really slowed down and compared to in the past there seems to be very little updates and developer/team interactions here anymore. Did the team have some of its members leave or be transferred to work on another project or something?

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Hello @Aurora team is working behind the scenes nothing has changed, no one has left.

  • Team was working on integration of THORChain in which first phase of the integration which allows users to hold, send and receive THOR.RUNE tokens has been completed, and team is currently working on cross-chain swap functionality which will be added once it has been fully tested by the team. Read more here: THORChain has been integrated on Trust Wallet

  • Team is also working on Avalanche integration, will be announced once completed. Read more here: Avalanche Listing Proposal

  • There’s new proposal for integration of Polygon/Matic blockchain, which will also be integrated after voting: Polygon Listing Proposal

Great. Keep it up! I know you are working non-stop for us. we do really appreciate it!