Issue with BTT deposit

Hi Team…
I withdrew my BTT tokens from Poloneix exchange (Transaction ID: 0xed5b771f9f1010660268fe41c4593b8f2037648ff59d20fe4e4ace6e77c708f8) on 5th November. I selected ERC 20 for withdrawal and gave my trust wallet address for receiving. Status shows successful. But I am not able to see withdrawn tokens in trust wallet…


Hello your tokens are in your wallet.
Please add as a custom token using these details
Network: Ethereum
Contract: 0xe83cccfabd4ed148903bf36d4283ee7c8b3494d1
Decimals: 6

Hi @JennyMillan
Thanks for help… I find tokens … But is there a way to bridge token to BEP20. I am stuck since no exchanges are accepting ERC20 token deposits including binance… Please advise… Binance suggested your support could help

In my trust wallet i see coins decrease over time for sonofelon?? Any reason?

Please read this:

Binance dont accept erc20 BTT tokens now though,… and both methods they are suggesting is not possible to BTT erc20 tokens…

ERC20 btt is tricky and I think trustwallrt has issues with it. That may be your problem.

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