Issue with cryptos not received

A friend sent some cryptos to me since 3 days ago namely (freecoin, safemoon and safemars) after showing transaction successful from my friend’s end, the cryptos didn’t deliver to my wallet and also my wallet addresses for the 3 cryptos changed. Please how do I recover my cryptos? Here’s the
transaction hash for safemoon
To: 0xDba9F7c16edCDF94fbb527B3c0c2C596B96b5fE0

Those coins you mentioned are already in your wallet. Try adding them using the “add token” feature on your Trustwallet and it will reflect.

Thanks,I really appreciate this, though I’ve added those tokens but I don’t know why it’s not reflecting, should I uninstall and reinstall my trust wallet?

You welcome, i will suggest you try to update your wallet. If it doesn’t work, then try reinstalling it

I’m also goin through the same issues. A friend sent $90,000 worth of CRUST from coinbase wallet to my CRU trust wallet and although it’s been approved at his end, I still haven’t seen it on my wallet. How long am I suppose to wait b4 it reflects?


This is the recipient address used and it’s still not reflecting… please any advise on what I can do??

Sir, I purchase some tokens but not shown in my wallet.i can’t understand what did I do

Your token is already in your wallet
All you need to do is to add it so it can reflect.
I will attach some pix on how you add token on your Trustwallet

Just follow the highlighted area in the pix am gonna attached to add your token so it can reflect

Hello, I have bought some coins trought Pancake swap and the transaction fail.

My bnb are disappear and I have not the coin bought. What can I do?

Kindly send me your wallet address so i can check the transaction details

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I sent yfi from Coinbase pro to trust and still remains 0 anybody can help ? Fund not on either don’t know what to do

Hi, I had the same issue where I bought Hungry Bear in Pancake Swap and I do not believe the token is supported on Trust Wallet. Is there any way I can add it to Trust Wallet as a custom token or can I send it to another Wallet? Thanks in advance.

Please someone sent CRU coins from coinbase to my trust wallet and it has been approved at his end but it still hasn’t shown in my wallet and I’m getting worried. Please what do I do??

Here’s the wallet address


I already added the crust wallet to my multicoin wallet and it’s still showing zero CRU and it’s been hours.

I didnt receive a BNB transfer a friend sent to me… the transaction hash shows “success”! What can I do?

Transaction hash 0xc87268bac0366e9a518c856b1283fd782069c60c8ae23b8af5f12eb501864f5e

It is not a lot… But I am concern about moving more coins now!

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Hi, I bought some BNB smartchain and it hasn´t arrived yet, I tried reinstalling the app, importing the wallet and I checked if there were transactions made in that wallet and nothing. Hopefully you can help me. The wallet addres is: 0xdBcEa94b04F4256F1E180e3c8D31BA1677C87F5D

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Hi, i swaped Bnb to Safestar but still didnt recieve this safestar coin…does somebody know? Thanks🙏🏽Recipient: 0x3C00F8FCc8791fa78DAA4A480095Ec7D475781e2

Same issue. On my end but i swaped bnb for TXl but same result you had.

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I have the same issue, i have swapped bnb to safemoon and vancat through pancake swap, but the amount of both safemoon and vancat isn’t fully swapped, while my bnb amount already gone. where did the money go? how do i recover this issue? is there any way i can see the history of my transactions?

please advice

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