It seems they have sent me the etc based on bsc network

Hi. I have somehow the same problem. I bought some etc and send them the etc receiving address from my trust wallet to get them in my trust wallet. It seems they have sent me the etc based on bsc network while I had sent them the Ethereum classic network address that is as follows.


They sent me this txid to show that they have sent the coins and they are received in my wallet.


But I cant see them anywhere in my trust wallet on any etc networks (bep20, bep2 or ethereum classic) but they claim they have sent it. Would you please help me to get my etcs in my wallet?

Hello @Mostafaa.rashidii to recover your funds, Please follow this guide (select ETC in the coin part):

After getting the private key, open the Trust Wallet app > settings > wallets > + button on the top right corner > i already have a wallet > Smart Chain > import the private key

Dear Alan,
Thanks for your kind help. I did as you said. New wallet is created in my trust wallet but the etcs I bought are not in my wallet yet. Let me explain the issue again. Maybe I have said it not clear enough.
Yesterday I ordered some etcs on Exnovin (an iranian exchange) and I paid them IR. Rial( iranian currency). When I was filling out the exchange form, I coppied my ETC receiving address from my trust wallet. In the following parts of the form, instead of choosing ETC on Ethereum classic network, I mistakenly selected ETC on BSC(BEP20) network while the coppied address was for Ethereum classic not BSC(BEP20). Consequently, they sent ETCs based on BSC to my Ethereum classic based network. They proved that the coins are delivered on their part and received on my part by sending me the txID I sent you earlier. But due to the differences between sending network address and receiving network address, I have not received the ordered coins on any networks in my trust wallet. They say it is my fault not to choose the same receiving network matching the receiving address I sent them. I don’t know if the steps you taught me are to solve the same problem I have or not. But I did them as you directed. Still no etcs on my wallet. Would you please do me a great favor and read my message and guide me again?
It will be really nice of you Alan.
Best regards,

@Mostafaa.rashidii I understand your issue and the solution I have provided above should solve your issue. Just follow instructions above carefully.

At the end, make sure you import private keys associated with this address: 0xbda42BCa98017e9DDF9Db5F9189E3b50028638Ac

And your BEP20 (smart chain) address after importing a wallet should be: 0xbda42BCa98017e9DDF9Db5F9189E3b50028638Ac. Let me know if you reach this point and you still don’t see your funds.

Hi Alan. I followed the steps you told me again carefully. The same thing happened. The wallet is created with the same address you said but no ETCs or any other type of funds exist in it. Would you please help me solve this problem? It would be really nice of you. Thank you an ocean :rose:

@Mostafaa.rashidii now, go to imported wallet and tap on top right corner and search ETC. Then, switch on ETC BEP20 on.

Thank you for your kind and precious help. I really appreciate it. Now they are in my wallet. You are a life saver. Thank you :rose::rose::rose: