Keyed wrong memo while transferring BNB from trust wallet to Binance App

Request for help. I had keyed in wrong memo number but to correct address. How do i recover this.

Hello @Lufeezain
Confirmed transactions are irreversible. You need to contact the customer support of the exchange where you have deposited your BNB.

Thankd for the reply. But how do i get there? Been trying for hours now. No one seems to be replying.

You need to contact them as they’re the only ones that can assist you further.

I need help i accidentally keyed wrong memo. I dont received anything been 6hrs

You need to reach out to Binance since the funds has already been sent out to their platform.

Are you recovered your bnb? My issue also Same, so kindly give solutions please

Unfortunately as per what they have said. I cant recover the amount. I had eventually copied the wrong number. Instead of my own memo number that i have copied. I took my binance ID number instead. Theres just too much confusion having soo many address

@KARTHICK0 @Lufeezain, Binance has a self-service recovery application for that one, you might want to try it: