Loki Mainnet Token Support

I put my receive address from Trust Wallet for the Loki Token into my Kucoin Exchange account for withdrawal. It shows that there is an issue with the receive address “Contain invalid or sensitive information.” Will not allow me to withdraw with this receive address bnb1zvw2pjs76x6qqdt4lk9ahyrn2ex434xy2xqn53
Any help to solve this issue would be appreciated.


It seems the Loki Token that is being traded there is a different one.
I think that is already the mainnet token.
Trust Wallet supports the BNB variant which can be traded on Binance DEX.

I will move this to our Ideas section for review.
But you can also ask the Loki Devs to submit requirements in order to have the mainnet token supported.
Learn more here: I am a Developer and I want to Contribute!


Thank you for the quick response


I have the same problem trying to transfer coins from the LOKI Electron wallet to the Trust Wallet. Is this still the same problem?

Rick H

I also tried to move Loki Token from Kucoin Exchange and received the same error message.
I assumed it was because Loki is ERC20 on Kucoin. So I went to the trouble of adding Loki ERC as a custom token… which was successful however I ended up with the same error as Magman.
How can I stay abreast of this development?

Me too!! I was told by trust Wallet to submit a request here for the mainnet token key. I vote for it. I don’t understand how Loki is an option in TW and is sold in the market but the 2 coins are not compatible?