Losing $50 due to those wallet problems

I lost a lot of money because of a trust wallet, I was lucky enough to get at exactly this moment when the crypt fell, it seems to me that this was done intentionally, I had no problems with this wallet before, but this time it happened, I should have received money They came to it, but they are not the same on the balance sheet, great, the status also says that the translation has been completed, well, zbs! Will they give me the money? Because I wanted to convert Doge into dollars and in this case it would not have happened

@Ayskon199 Please do not spam the forums.
Do send the transaction hash and also your receiving address here as a plain text.

address doge DJaSNzp26XHRzNJfTENnFgNKVgqKkfVovz hash c8d0202098a56ebd7ecb04e2e77d8595a23495824433c2e38f45ced2aa69fae6

@Ayskon199 You can view your transactions here:

Please take note that website you sent earlier is a scam and will steal your funds, I have not approved the message to prevent other people from clicking it. Please be careful as we would not ask you to connect your wallet to unknown sites or request your seed phrase.

I understand, then could you please explain to me how I can get my money? Because they are not yet on the account

@Ayskon199 Please see the guide below: