Loss of NEAR coin balance in the new Update wallet

With the update of the new version, the zero NEAR coin balance is displayed. What is the problem? I also did all the instructions.

Hello please use the guide below:

This is 2023 and i also have this same problem. My 1,006 NEAR coins were successfully transferred from my Binance account to my Trustwallet but there is a ZERO balance of NEAR coins in my wallet.

The on-chain data also shows the transfer was successful and yet i still have a Zero balance. Right now, my coins are lost in Trust wallet.

How can this be resolved once and for all ???

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Hello @Sebuf
Please follow the guide below

I am also encountering same problem, kindly guide if your problem resolved

I have done every possible solution, cleared cache, reinstalled wallet, network changes etc.
But still Near Coins are not reflecting even after successful transaction

Hello @manu0205 This is a problem with our NEAR node and should be resolved soon, make sure you are using the last version of Trust Wallet too .

I am using latest version of wallet . And kindly update how long will it take to reflect in wallet