Lost funds (coins?

I transferred my coins from trust wallet to mexc exchange but I didn’t received yet. The mistake was that the coin in mexc support eth20 network but in trust wallet it was by bep20
Please help


@Waheedullah1 You’d need to contact the MEXC support team regarding this.

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I connected my trust wallet from Pandoshi it didn’t show up any of my 18750 tokens that i purchased and it transferred over 38 million of my coq inu coins to another address??? I have not given anybody my pass phrase or anything there is no reason my funds should be missing.

@Marinevet41 Please check your address on the explorer to see your transactions history.

What do you mean check my explorer address for me transaction history?

Hi Toby. I swapped BTC to USDT BNB 3 days ago and the transaction is still pending. I guess it have something to do with low fee but i cant find the way to edit it. I have re imported my wallet but still, Pending. PLS help. Here is my Hash Id


@oz25000 The transaction is confirmed, can you check again?

I checked. Still appear Unconfirmed on mempool. And when i try to send btc it says previous transaction pending

@oz25000 I see it now, you’d need to wait till the transaction is confirmed since it’s already broadcasted to the blockchain.

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Thank you Tobi. Any idea how long can it take? Already been 3 days. Thanks

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@oz25000 Did you adjust the fee when making the transaction? The transaction time depends on the blockchain actually and no ETA.

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No i didn’t. Ive sent it as it was default.
You think it can be stuck forever like this? All my btc is unavailable

@oz25000 No it will either be confirmed or cancelled back to your wallet but I can’t say about how long it’ll take.

Hello Tobi , can you help pls . I transfered from Trust wallet to my Binance wallet account in March 25.2024 time : 14:35 around 7939508326.383 PEPEeth coins but i think i made a mistake by sending to PEPEbnb to this recipent : 0x50f9A2BD82d968BA65dE04A250de6F0e633178e5
In my trust wallet history it say transaction complete but i didn’t recive any PEPE coins in my Binance wallet . What should i do help pls

@Kosowar1 You need to contact the Binance team regarding this since your token was sent successfully.

My USDT from trust wallet has been stolen, I have the information on the blockchain, what can I do?

@Mgtfenix Unfortunately there is little to nothing that can be done regarding stolen assets. Please enlighten more on security steps to keep yourself safe.
Learn more:

Hi there. I’ve just went into my trust wallet and there’s some funds that has been transferred but I never did those transfer… can you help me???

@Lb27 Please read my response above, unfortunately there’s nothing we can do regarding that.

What can one do to enhance of security from scammers, because scammers are becoming many in Blockchain system