LOST TPT Token - Sent from MXC to Trust Wallet TPT


I have sent TPT token from MXC to Trust Wallet (TPT)

It showed that the transferred has been completed (from MXC & Hecoinfo)

However, I have not received the TPT coin yet.

Below are the info:

  • Transaction Harsh 0xb1662f4b95a76a2afd2d418ae11b512a7b8dded116ddbe2b62408753e4d6eb97
  • Trust Wallet version 5.16 (5166)
  • TPT (Trust Wallet address): 0xBaf89E6838B5054D1F6B7F717ef2486458099566

Hi @Vule,

Please be informed that you have withdrawn HRC20, not ERC20. HRC20 is not supported, that’s why it won’t appear in the app.

To access your TPT (HRC20) tokens, you can follow this guide to retrieve your private key: How To Recover Funds Sent to a Wrong Public Address. You can then use the private key to import it in a wallet that supports HRC20.

Thank you !

On the iancoleman.io → COIN section what should i put? I could not find “TPT - ERC20”

Select ETH, since you got the ERC20 address.

Thank you ! I got it !

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