Luna 2.0 Trust Wallet

Perfect… now i see the tokens after importing the seed phrase to the Terra Station.

And now ?! Should i move them to binance or other exchange or should i let them stay on terra station /trust ???

Thanks mate
Help a lot.


I keep Luna in my wallet and in my other wallets.
I already got airdrop everywhere just on the trust wallet not !!
Will I get it here too ???

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@CRPcz read our latest announcement regarding LUNA : Trust Wallet Renames Existing Terra Network to Terra Classic Network

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when i click import a wallet on Terra Station and put my Trust Wallet seed phrase then getting error “Invalid”. How should i connect terra station. Also my Luna classic is in Trust Wallet i am checking on Airdrop Luna where will i get the new token. Thanks.

Hi, sorry to bother. I have a question: how did you connect your trust wallet to terra station? What did you put in the “key” box? I’ve been trying for hours and I only get “Invalid” results. Thanks in advance :slightly_smiling_face:.

@Alan47 please just help me here …

i see the tokens after importing the seed phrase to the Terra Station.

And now ?! Should i move them to binance or other exchange or should i let them stay on terra station /trust ???

Thanks mate


I also have a similar question, Can I transfer the tokens to binance, but at present it shows 0 value. The value is only displayed when you try to Swap it with some other coins, but it says enable Luna i.e.step 1 What does that mean

You are a legend my friend! I had tried everything, every type of key and code I could find or generate. This is the only thing that worked. Don’t know how you figured it out but thank you! Hope this post can help others as well :wink:

I’m in the same boat as Johnny007…. Except different. I sent my Luna2.0 from exchange to my Luna (classic now) address on Trust wallet. I saw the solution to import the wallet to Terra Station. This raises a few questions.

  1. I have TS on my phone. Will importing the TrustWallet account “overwrite” the existing wallet on TS? There are vested Luna2.0 associated with the existing address.

  2. I don’t see an import wallet option on TS.

Am I out of luck or ….???

Thanks in advance

Good day!
I have a terra Wallet, but I want to sent my luna’s to my other Exchange but my Wallet is connected as read- only mode. How can I solve this problem?

If you have old luna tokens in your trust wallet then new luna 2 tokens airdrop will not show in your trust wallet because trust wallet currently not supported luna2 blockchain.
To get your new luna2 airdrop you need to download the terra station wallet form PlayStore or IOS app.
1- Copy your secret key of your trust wallet and password.
2- open Terra Station Wallet
3- Click on Import wallet
4- Paste secret key of your trust wallet and Password
5- Hit Submit button
See my video on youtube
This video in urdu language.

@khalidmeraj @Alan47 I am getting invalid error when i enter trust wallet key on terra station. see attached screen shot. i have changed the phrase for security though i entered it correctly.


@MJ14 you have to contact Terra station app for support on how to import wallet properly.

Didn’t find any attach image. Please attach it again.
Make sure your secret phrase of trust wallet is correct and make sure you are eligible for luna2 airdrop. To check eligibility copy old luna address from trust wallet in https(

@khalidmeraj , it did not allow me to attach the image and also on link the address shows could not find. My Luna address on trustwallet starts with 0x380… does it have to start with terra1… for the eligibility. Not sure why on trustwallet it does not have this terra1…
any idea.


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When i enter Terra station and begin ti enter my seed phrase in the key qrea is states “invalid”. I take it thr password secrion is your passcode set up with the trust wallet?

@Gra00151 you have to contact Terra station team for instructions on how to import your wallet.

I dont see any contact details from them… just irritating instructions of how to import a wallet that makes no sense given that trust wallet doesnt have a password… etc

So i raised a ticket theough thisnsite, got an email with instructions to go toba website to generate my private key… and now my Luna 2.0 coins have been stolen…