Made the coin over to a different coin addresse / Same Wallet

Hi all,

Hope someone could tell me more if it possible to get your coin back if you made the coin over to a different type coin addresse but it in the same wallet.

For example, i made on the BSN network the coin over to another coin adresse that was already in my wallet but its a totally different type coin. So now i cant see the value of it but the coin is still in my wallet. It has been added under a wrong type of coin.

See here the Scan - Ethereum Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | Etherscan

Does anyone know how to get my coin back? All my money is in it and i really hope that i have not lost all of it.

Thank you in advance!

Hello see guide below:

Hi Jenny,

Thank you for the reply, i have tried to done this and i also got the Private keys for Importing the wallet. However once i want to Import the Wallet ( on metamask ) it said that it can’t import because its a duplicate.

Not sure how to go about this? Again i made the coin from the same wallet to the a different coin that is also in my wallet. ( so only 1 wallet ).

Hope to hear from you soon.

Thank you


Can you help with my problem that I posted under a different topic?

I posted under this topic: how-to-find-out-were-my-tokens-went/306867?u=jaystray

Here’s my question:

"I’m new to this so I hope you can help. I swapped BNB smart chain for Baby Moon Wolf. I used Pancakeswap. The transaction appears to have gone through, but the Baby Moon Wolf coins do not show up in my Trust Wallet. I go the address for Baby Moon Wolf off of the coinmarketcap website.

I did this yesterday, and have watched youtube videoes and read other posts on the site and tried all of the suggestions, but nothing has worked so far. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks!"