Matic not received

Hi, i made a swap on Pancakeswap on september 3rd, but I’ve still not received any Matic on my wallet address.

The fee was payed successfully. Also the transaction went ok as you can see:

My address is 0xb234c48fd25946c5ce6508caae083cbd23103f26.

I’m running trust wallet (version 2.7) from an android device.

I also followed your missing token guide in the FAQs but even after installing trust wallet on another device the tokens are still missing.

Can you hel me retrieving my matic?


Hello @iamor try to add it as custom token. Here are the steps that you can do to manually add the token: How to Add a Custom Token

Token details:-
Network: Smart Chain
Contract: 0xf09a100c32d780f0a48754e43533f9fb374e85f9
Decimals: 18

Matic was already manually enabled as custom token from the swap. But are still missing.

I also followed your hint, but automatically fullfill with Shiba Inu (SHIB) information.

I’ve also added it 2 times more, one on Polygon Network and another one on ERC20. But it’s not working, no Matic are still present.

@iamor sorry, I gave you wrong info…

Token details:-
Network: Smart Chain
Contract: 0xcc42724c6683b7e57334c4e856f4c9965ed682bd
Decimals: 18

Try again with above info.

Thanks Alan!
This has solved the issue. Now i can see the matic.

Thanks again for the help