Member Experience: Jassia

Hi i am Real Jassia, one of the Squad Coordinators. I am self motivated and hard working, spending time moderating various telegram and discord communities of Trust Wallet, helping online and offline events, and been assisting in the coordination of other volunteers since April 2023. I’ve also been a Binance Angel since Feb 2021.

Hard work and devotion always pays itself back. Since enrolling in Trust Squad as of April 2023, I have received a promotion to Squad Coordinator. It’s a very fulfilling role to have. On 11 Oct 2023 I had the honor of receiving a letter of recommendation for community manager role to help me further break into the crypto space.

I am very grateful for this letter which will help me secure a career in the space.

I have learned lots of things from our squad program manager Daniel. I am quite sure that this program give you great help with independence in managing a community and arranging different initiatives.

In this program i appreciate the way of empowering Squadmates to give their best. Management does support if we need training. We have community feedback calls, we have our internal team calls, I learn a lot, and it makes me feel more confident and responsible. I am very thankful to Trust Wallet team.