Unlock Your Potential: Join Trust Squad, the Pioneering Volunteer Program

What is Trust Squad?

Trust Squad is a volunteer program for the most passionate, dedicated elite power (power rank) users of Trust Wallet and Blockchain technology. Everyday we are committed to helping each other. We also lead Trust Wallet communities, where we journey through web3 awareness, exposure to Blockchain, learning new skills, deepen understanding and participation in blockchain events for unlimited freedom.

We are a growing community of core contributors, mods, influencers, product specialists and reviewers which formed a vital part of Trust Wallet community and product expansion.

Squadmates transcends beyond Trust Wallet advocacy. We are pioneers and builders of a chain agnostic ecosystem for anyone with strong passion and enthusiasm to play, join and belong.

What are the requirements to become a Trust Squadmate?

Trust Squadmates are independent and critical thinkers who act with integrity and are not afraid to take initiative. Squadmates are active listeners who proactively engage with the community, enjoy sharing knowledge and information, and are constantly willing to learn and improve.

Although Trust Squad is open to anyone with passion for positive impacts, we prioritize enrollment of individuals with general knowledge of blockchain technology and web3. Squadmates who are proficient in English & knowledgable about Trust Wallet, having an intimate understanding of the app & people who understand the ethos of Decentralized communities.

Trust Squad Creed:

Innovate. Inspire. Ignite.

  • Innovation through feedback, autonomy to build (with guardrails), add value by bringing fresh, hip, and creative ideas to the table
  • Inspire through quality education and quality actions. Everyone leads and we F3: Fail Forward Fast. Create an open-access public good.
  • Ignite passion and enthusiasm to take massive action. Embrace positivity and inspire the side-liners to upskill web3 knowledge while adding innovative value to the organization.

Trust Wallet Vision, Mission & Values

  • Our vision is to help everyone thrive through the freedom to own and to access opportunities, without borders.
  • Our mission is to build a seamless web3 gateway and open ecosystem that enables a fully decentralized world.
  • Our values:
    • We are User Focused
    • We are Humble
    • We Act with Integrity
    • We are Open
    • We are Owners

In order to achieve this, we believe that it is of the utmost importance for us to ensure that our community remains a safe and positive space. That is why we are looking for active and passionate Trust Wallet community enthusiasts who share our values.

What does a Trust Squadmate do?

Whether you are able to contribute through moderation of our communities, creating content and accurate translations, pre-release product testing, or just simply collecting and transferring feedback, we are sure we have an activity that suits you!

More specifically, in our Trust Squad are required to:

  • Community Moderation is a core skill and everyone’s responsibility
  • Technical Trust Squadmate: beta/Alpha testing, technical education articles, etc
  • Content & Translations: become a KOL or influencer within the ecosystem
  • Digital Events & Meet-ups: coordinate online events in our communities, host/co-host
  • Network: find projects to collaborate with to educate our members and expose them to different areas of the industry

In addition to the roles listed above, all Trust Squadmates will be required to:

  • Maintain Trust Wallet community positive, inclusive, respectful and judgment-free
  • Actively represent Trust Wallet across the internet

Benefits for our Trust Squad

The Program aims to build a Squad that genuinely cares about the Trust Wallet community and purpose, and believes in its ability to help build a decentralized future. It’s important to note that Trust Squad is a volunteer program, meaning there are no monetary rewards.

We instead focus on providing long term economic value by helping Squadmates develop the skills and affinities to pursue their dream careers within the industry. Some highlights of the program (not exhaustive) are:

  • Build skills and experience to make a career in web3
  • Access to an exclusive Telegram group where you can be in touch with Trust Wallet staff - including our CEO
  • Pre-release products for testing
  • Networking opportunities with Trust Wallet team members & other Squadmates
  • Chances to attend conferences as a Trust Squad representative to run booths with the core team
  • Letter of Recommendations for our most dedicated Squadmates to help them build a career in web3

How to apply?

All Trust Squad candidates must know and understand Trust Wallet’s product, mission and values well before submitting an application and have a minimum of 70% proficiency in English. We encourage you to be actively participating and engaging within our communities and ecosystem before applying.

If you think you’re ready to be a part of Trust Squad, our core community members and most active contributors to the ecosystem - let’s build together to create a better future. We trust you’re here to stay.

The application process will include a short questionnaire and an opportunity to share more about your background, experience, and ideas for how you would like to contribute to the community.

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Member Experiences

What do our Squadmates say about us? Learn about their experiences: