Member Experiences: Logan


I’m Anthony, also known as Logan in the Trust Wallet community. Since joining as an admin in 2018, I’ve been deeply involved in supporting our users and contributing to the growth and resilience of our platform in the dynamic web3 industry.


My journey began with tackling daily user queries and managing emergency situations. It was a role that demanded not only a solid understanding of technical aspects but also a strong ability to communicate effectively under pressure.

Challenges Faced

Initially, my approach to communication was direct, sometimes to the point of being harsh. This style, while straightforward, often lacked the empathy needed in customer interactions, something I quickly realized needed to change.

Process and Solution

My transformation began with the insightful coaching from our mentor, whom we all affectionately refer to as Coach. Through reviewing my responses and providing guidance on adopting a more human approach, Coach helped me refine my communication skills. This not only enhanced my ability to address user concerns but also allowed me to connect with our community on a deeper level.

Results and Impact

This change in my approach earned me respect and trust across all squads. I became a pillar of support, always ready to offer help and intervene when needed. My colleagues now see me as a reliable and empathetic figure they can turn to for guidance.

Personal Growth

When I started, my knowledge of web3 was basic. However, the shared resources and collective wisdom within the Trust Wallet community have been invaluable. I’ve grown from a novice to someone who is now considered somewhat of an expert in the field.


My story is one of personal and professional evolution, showing how important it is to remain open to change and growth, especially in a fast-paced industry like web3. My journey exemplifies how individual development, bolstered by supportive mentorship and community collaboration, can lead to meaningful contributions to a larger ecosystem.