Member Experiences: Mushahid


Greetings, I’m Mushahid Hussain, proudly representing Pakistan, and honored to be part of the Trust Wallet Trust Squad. My journey in the exciting realm of web3 has been a remarkable voyage of growth and learning. It all started when I became an active member of various web3 communities, including esports, before making the transition to the captivating world of web3 in 2020. As time rolled on, I transformed from a passionate volunteer to a professional, securing paid positions and taking on various roles, such as moderator, KOL BD, graphics designer, and content writer.An especially cherished achievement of mine is earning a Letter of Recommendation from Trust Wallet for being a part of the Trust Squad as a community manager.


In parallel to my web3 adventures, I’m also pursuing a degree in computer science. Moreover, I had the privilege of co-founding the Blockchain Club at my university, alongside six enthusiastic friends. This club has been instrumental in enlightening our fellow students about web3 and blockchain technologies. Beyond education, it actively participates in developing web3 projects, underscoring my unwavering commitment to the web3 ecosystem.

On the professional front, I dedicated a year at Nest Protocol, where I took on multiple roles, such as Event Head, Community Manager, and KOL BD. My academic endeavors and involvement with the Blockchain Club have furnished me with a robust foundation for my career in the web3 industry.

Challenges Faced:

Every journey has its challenges, and mine was no exception. I have a natural tendency to immerse myself in thorough research and understanding before fully committing to Trust Squad. While this cautious approach ensures that I make informed decisions, it sometimes gives the impression of taking more time to dive more deeper.

Process and Solution:

To surmount this challenge, I decided to embrace my dedication to learning and the art of in-depth research. I acknowledged the significance of gaining a deep understanding of web3 technologies and projects before taking on roles and responsibilities. This approach not only elevated the quality of my work but also established me as a reliable and well informed Squad member.

Results and Impact:

My unwavering persistence and commitment have been instrumental in my growth as a Trust Squad member and Community Manager. My profound passion for web3 and blockchain technologies has not only fostered my personal development but has also made a significant impact on the communities I’ve been privileged to be part of.


In conclusion, my journey in the web3 industry and as a Trust Squad member is a testament to the power of dedication, unceasing learning, and a burning passion to make a difference. My achievements, both as a student and a professional, serve as a powerful reminder of the immense impact one can have when driven by curiosity and an unyielding commitment to excellence.