Meme Contest #2: Vote

This is our second Meme of the Memes vote, following our DeFi Memes contest last week.

We will do this again in the future because it has been a lot of fun. We looked at every single meme submitted, and these are the 10 that we think are the best. Now you can vote on the winner who will get 100 TWT, the finalists will get 50 of TWT). One lucky voter will win 100 TWT.

The vote for a winner is simple:

Follow these instructions for the chance to win 100 TWT

  1. Follow @TrustWalletApp and retweet the Meme Vote tweet.
  2. Choose your favorite meme from one of the 10 meme tweets below
  3. Retweet or Quote Retweet our Tweet of your favorite meme, so we can see which is the most popular

Votes will close at 18:00 UTC Monday 1 Mar and the winning Meme will be the one with the most quote tweets and retweets from our ten tweets below. One person who voted will receive 100 TWT.

Please look at all the memes before you choose which one to retweet. And please don’t retweet multiple memes. We’ll check, if you retweet multiple memes you will be excluded from the chance to win 100 TWT. If we notice that any meme creator is using bots, or paid farms to increase retweets that meme will be excluded from the top prize, and the memelord who made that tweet will only receive the finalist prize of 50 TWT.

The meme tweets: