Migrate from imToken to Trust Wallet

You are solely responsible for your wallets security. Always create a backup before making any changes to your wallet. This guide is for educational purposes only.

Here are the steps for migrating from imToken Wallet to Trust Wallet. For this guide, we will be using a Recovery Phrase in order to import your Ethereum Wallet.

Step 1 - Getting the ETH Address

First, we would need to know the Public Key or the Ethereum address of your imToken Wallet. This will be required later to confirm if we have done the procedure correctly.

Open your imToken Wallet, tap on ETH, tap on Receive. Take note of your ETH address. Make a screenshot if possible.

Step 2 - Getting the Recovery Phrase

Tap on My Profile, then Manage Wallets, tap on ETH-Wallet. Next, tap on Export Mnemonic Phrase. Take note of your Recovery Phrase.

It is not advisable to take screenshots of your Recovery Phrase.

Step 3 - Access Wallet Import Screen

Download Trust Wallet only from official sources.
Here are the download links for both platforms:
App Store: https://apps.apple.com/app/trust-ethereum-wallet/id1288339409
Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.wallet.crypto.trustapp

Open Trust Wallet and then tap on Settings . In the Settings screen, tap on Wallets .
Tap on the “+” sign on the upper right to access the Import Screen. Tap on Ethereum .

Step 4 - Importing the Recovery Phrase

Type the Recovery Phrase on the Phrase tab of the Import Ethereum screen. Alternatively, you can scan the QR code(if you have one). Put a Name so that you can easily recognise the wallet. Once you are done typing, just tap on Import .

Step 5 - Compare the ETH Address

After completing the importation process. Compare the ETH address from the other wallet with Trust Wallet. If they are the same, then you have done the migration successfully. Congratulations!