Missing assets from wallet

Hello, starting yesterday none of the coins bought in trust wallet did not appear in the wallet, today I reinstalled the app and after installation all assets disappeared from the wallet, today I tried to buy another currency, the contract was made but not in the wallet nothing appeared, Anyone knows What’s going on …; (


same here…i have already sent emails to Trustwallet Support and Moonpay support team but no luck…noone could tell me what happened.


I have the same problem! Only revived some of the coins not all of them!!!


I purchased coins from pancake swap, they say success yet nothing is showing up.


I mistakingly sent BSC, Safemoon, TRDG and Moonrat to Carom Contract address 0x71f3ed37567e013f8294aa0c6c1c92332d2944f3 please I really need help

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Happened to me as well , try adding token manually , press top right button - paste token address (missing ones ) and add info about token symbol - decimal etc all this can be found in transaction details - swipe green button to dosplay in main wallet ,hopefully will show you number of shares .


Okey. Problem solved! Make sure when your add your costum token that you select the right network (ether or BnB smart chain). If this doesn’t do the work delete your trust wallet app and re install. I had over 400m coins missing and they are now back after doing the above!


Those who bought asset or swap one asset to another please make sure that you have not made any mistake during the process, kindly be inform that you asset will be soon appear just exercise your patience’s

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Can someone please help me? I mistakenly transferred DOGE into my BNB wallet on trust, is there anyway I can get this back??

i have the same issue. i sent ethereum to my trust wallet but havent received in 24 hours.

X3 for me. 2 - 10 days now. Just did one with sushi. Notifications shows success but nothing. Sure did take the Eth fee though.

Does anyone know how to change how the precision decimal of a token in your wallet if you set it wrong?

Hello, i have similar iassue i have converted on pancake Safe planet earth SPE coin to bnb chain, a day passee and still both are gone the SPE coin and did not get any BNB Smart chain. Here is the transaction hash - 0x0d29ed9f3bb5faa6df49a9cbd0cfbfd53a8260277f2278f360df40927a18e3de

Can anyone please help, what can i do to get my money back :(:frowning:

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I did a BnB swap for SafeGalaxy, no sign of assets.

Transaction hash - 0xc00d9dd28d7ea073d3d4a6559b5cb90452c59b99d51ee7c7bfffd942b4ad737f

The balance briefly appeared then disappeared.

Can anyone help please?

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Hi, my friend recently bought elongate from Pancake swap yesterday but still the transaction hasn’t been reflected in my Trust wallet. Qhen the transaction was made on pancake swap it said successful but her Trust wallet does not reflect the items purchased. Can someone please help?

The addressed are as follows:

From - 0x15a77aef35ed78365c817e181090504d5b84ac39

To - 0x05ff2b0db69458a0750badebc4f9e13add608c


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I’m also missing $ 1 for smartchain for switching busn to bsn, I’m new to it, if someone can help I would be very grateful, please … adress is:

Yep…same thing here. Two different coins purchased; Safemoon several days ago, had to wait 24hrs but eventually it went through fine, all hunky dory in my wallet. Performed another transaction yesterday for a different currency and still nothing appeared today. Checked back on both transactions and both were successful. I uninstalled and reinstalled the app and still nothing from the second purchase…plus, all the safemoon has disappeared! Also, all my transaction history has gone! How do I at least restore my wallet to what it was before reinstallation?..then I’ll worry about tracking down the second transaction.

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I’m the same sort of, I used the swap feature for Safegalaxy and they disappeared…put a ticket in 3 days ago and had no reply no nothing! Hope you get it sorted

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Hi all you need to do is to backup your wallet using your 12 recovery phrase or 24 recovery phrase, the asset you bought will appear eventually, if bought them on the same wallet. And if you bought it from different wallet you need recovery phrase of each wallet to restore your asset

The process is as follow:
To restore your wallet after you installed your Trust wallet open it tap on you have an existing wallet write down your 12 or 24 recovery phrase using one space process, then tap on restore your asset will be automatically restore.

To to restore another wallet on the same trust wallet app tap on setting bottom at the top icon tap on multiple wallet, tap on add wallet follow the same process of the first one, then you’re done

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