Missing BNB swapped from ETH

@arip1402 Can you provide the transaction hash and your receiving address.

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My bnb and usdt disappeared at the same time and to the same address, I don’t know whose address it is, I wanted to swap USDT to BNB, suddenly the transaction failed and my BNB and USDT balances were all lost.


@arip1402 The transaction hash shows you sent USDT and not swapped.

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Yes, that’s right, but I didn’t send to that address. My balance was suddenly deducted

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@arip1402 If you notice an unauthorized transaction on your wallet, then it is most likely compromised and you need to stop using the wallet immediately.
We have no way to identify the person who has access to a specific wallet or address.
Anyone can create a wallet without the need for any user verification.

Trust Wallet does not hold the funds. Everything is on the blockchain.

What this means is that a wallet can be accessed using a different app.

The Trust Wallet team cannot reverse, cancel, or refund confirmed transactions in the blockchain since the app is a non-custodial wallet. All transactions done in the blockchain are permanent.

It is recommended to create a new wallet and abandon the compromised one. Please make sure you downloaded and installed the legitimate Trust Wallet app on official sites, you can check here: https://trustwallet.com/

Learn more:


Hello. I also seem to have almost the same problem with Arip1402. I transferred USDT (BEC-20) to my trust wallet on the BEC network. However, on bscscan, it shows that the coins were changed to BSC-USD, and then immediately after I received the coins in the wallet, they were sent to a different address immediately (hash id for the withdrawal after I received my funds is 0xb6c72d8dc530b4e346f1029a72291a5ebe93f500872c565bab95278338d30adc. Do check what is going on…

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@Qui254 Please read my response directly above yours, you need to stop using that wallet since it’;s compromised and create a new one.


Hello Tobi. Hopefully you can support me. I initiated a swap of ~2,000 USDT (smart chain) to ETH in the trustwallet app. After authorizing the swap, my ~2,000 USDT balance exited my wallet in the following hash 0x58ca16e5e0d93d68dd2d24f687216e68387e6e284ceb486272297fbba226c95c. However, the swap was not completed given I have not received any ETH.

Can you please advise on what is going on? Is there any issues in the backend of the swap?

I don’t recall having any ETH in the wallet prior to executing the swap, thus the swap might not have been able to finalize given no funds to cover ETH gas fees.

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@ubeh_crnt This transaction hash indicates you signed a malicious transaction.
Unfortunately your tokens are gone, you’d need to create a new wallet and move your remaining assets from the now compromised wallet.

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Thanks Tobi for the prompt response. Where / how do you detect this is a malicious transaction? To prevent future losses in the same manner…

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@ubeh_crnt You can check the transaction on the explorer

Also this type of transaction indicates you approved a malicious transaction.

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I swapped my bnb to eth earlier today , however i can no longer see neither my bnb balance nor the eth. When i check my transaction history, all i can see is that all bnb has been transferred to this receipent address. 0x42cdf1a0A6Aa5f73Da9702485205963e80e0F059
Can anyone please help me whats going on?

@Samir3 Can you provide the transaction hash of that swap ?

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Hi. Its down below.

@Samir3 It seems you made a direct transfer and not a swap.

Hello , I used to swap 1 ETH to USD back in March 2024 and after that 1 ETH was moved as smart contract call and by untill now i still did not receive anything. Tokens missing.

@romajive Can you provide your receiving address and the transaction hash?

My receiving USDT ERC 20 -


Hash :


Money went as to SCC to -


@romajive Please check your transaction as at 101 days ago, you already received the USDT