Missing cryptos

@minlinx There is nothing Trust wallet can do regarding this.
Please take caution moving forward to keep your assets safe.

Hello Tobi please I swapped my Bitcoin to Eth on the 20th of May this year the Btc was deducted from my wallet and I haven’t received the Eth in my balance please help me and fix this please this is the transaction hash c4f16707040b3dd443f0c3c89c08a0b6a27969c6f457f9b4f207f1f043593578

@Block14512 Can you provide your Ethereum receiving address.


Here is my Ethereum receiving address please I really need you to help me and fix this please.

@Block14512 Please check your transaction history on the explorer to view all your transactions

tokens disappeared from my trust wallet. I have no transaction history I lost about 450$ please Tobi check this

Address 0xAD95E9f8deb74e3bD0B46949727D77f63764aA82

@Aaaa121 Please check your address on the blockchain explorer to see your transactions if it isn’t shown in your Trust wallet app.

Thank you for the quick reply

I checked and there are no transactions there either

@Aaaa121 What chan did you have the missing tokens on? That’s the chain you need to check.

Bsc, I check bscscan and there is no transaction either. I had 1.4b Osak and now it’s 0

@Aaaa121 But this is your transaction history where it clearly shows your token being sent out.

It appears you have clicked on a phishing link and had your assets stolen.
You need to stop using that wallet immediately and create a new one.

Hello, I deposited funds to my trust wallet but it appears my funds have disappeared. I am now told I have deposit up to a certain amount to access my funds - is this correct? it has been more than 3 weeks now and no site of my money in the wallet. Can you help me.

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@Sherene That sounds like a scam and it seems your wallet is compromised. I would advise you check your address on the blockchain explorer to see your transactions and then also create a new wallet after.
Please ensure you never share your recovery words as those are the key to your wallet.

Hello please if any one can actually help me out here i had been sent a Bitcoin and since then i haven’t seen the Bitcoin and with a receipt this had never happened before twice yesterday and it’s going to be two days pretty soon please any one help me


@Thomas18 Do you have a transaction hash ? There’s no history of any transaction on the address you attached above.

Yes I created that to receive new Bitcoin coin but it had already been sent but i haven’t gotten them on my wallet yet and I don’t know the cause of it

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@Thomas18 You need to check with the sending wallet or origin to know if you were actually sent anything.

i did a swap from Litecoin to Bitcoin in the mobile version of the app, the swap completed and the transfer of Litecoin came out but no Bitcoin came back. is this normal? i’m a new trust user.

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@DevSmoke Swaps aren’t instant, they take some time to be completed. Judging by when you sent this, you should have received your BTC already.

From the origin you say it actually went with a receipt but i never had seen any coin here at all