Missing cryptos

I have a problem with my Trust wallet address after I lost my phone and try to import my tokens on a new phone. I imported my wallet with my secret phrase and received a wrong wallet address without any cryptos. I checked if my cryptos were stolen but the cryptos and wallet were not stolen. I already tried my secret phrase sentence a few months ago and I had no problems. Can you help me, please?


Hello @Elewedu
Please make sure that you have the right set of words.
We have no way to check this for you.

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My 12 words phrase is 100% correct. And if they are not correct I believe it’s not gonna let me in ( it’s gonna say invalid phrase)

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@Elewedu Yes you are most likely importing the phrase to another wallet.


Hello. I received Bitcoin in my Trust Wallet a day ago. But it does not reflect on my apps (on 2 devices) and Chrome extension.

Android App version 8.1.4

BTC Address: bc1qe79k7msgvfw0543l6swn4ea903syypg4g22rkc
Transaction Hash: a16e3d4b949a33b5fb35a56d0fcf451c7421433ea4f0c3a891fc7b122aa0b8e1

Please help me.

Hello @apollo0109
The transaction is still pending, please be patient

Why does it take so long? Is there anything I have to do to confirm the pending?

@apollo0109 There’s nothing we can do regarding long confirmation time for Bitcoin transactions.