Missing ETH on Trustwallet

Hi Community, I have a challenge that needs a solution. In October last year, 0.02 Eth was sent to my Eth bep20 wallet. The transaction history is showing on my wallet but the said amount is not in my wallet. I contacted Support and they asked me to do certain procedures which I did and then I was then asked to send in screenshots from the wallet but it’s been close to a month and I’ve got no response from them. I’m a very small player in the crypto space and such small amount still means alot to me. Pleass help me fix this. Attached to this post are screenshots from my wallet.

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Hello can you kindly provide your Transaction ID and receiving address

Trans. ID: 0xf084101275e6caa8a672635431b0c774c46d8094db3404ebd28cd879397e0110

Wallet address:

Based on the transaction history, you a;ready swapped 0.02526892 ETH to 0.328253738733614599 BNB.
Tx: https://bscscan.com/tx/0x33cb359a42c000392d285b28b7348b00b1528e11fbcac162f8d0adaa6152779a

You can cross-check here: https://bscscan.com/token/0x2170ed0880ac9a755fd29b2688956bd959f933f8?a=0x37AA9415f2EAfEF6e36a6EcDddb363b0a1666f9E

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I have a similar problem and this happened between yesterday night and early hours of today
I sent $40 worth of ethereum from binance and i still haven’t gotten the coins, It shows transaction complete but my eth balance is still zero

My receiving address: 0x6eeE87D99CCF05c0a8297E6b4Cf98898E47a0642
Transaction ID: 0x1ee3c444743e042170412a4fffc78ab606f3c1fc24a80913138d6048d14c9bcd

@mikefunds12 send all details asked on this thread: Eth balance remains zero after receiving eth