Missing funds on wallet

I purchased BUSD but put incorrect receiver address. The funds are not shpwing on my wallet. I am new tocrypto. Can anyone help please?


If the receiver address is incorrect, you might not be able to retrieve such fund

Hi I have a couple of issues;

1.) I bought tokens thru pancakeswap using bnb and I recieved successful transaction and but it has been 11 hours since then, tokens still not showing on my Trust Wallet.

2.) I had a failed transaction but my BNB is not yet returned.

Please help me with these issues, thank you.


I’ve got missing funds… can I get help
I brought bnb Theo other day, still haven’t come threw, I looked and it was the correct address to trust wallet, I used moonpay…


I sent Binance-Peg Ethereum from my trustwallet on april 19 to my coinbase account and it never got there yet the bscscan shows complete and i bought litecoin through moonpay and they show it completed and trustwallet still shows nothing and no transactions… WTF is going on with trustwallet.


Hi. Bought some erc20 token yesterday through pancakeswap. The transaction was successful and it is showing in my pancakeswap trade however still haven’t got them on the trust wallet. Tried to manually put erc20 token as well but still says zero.
Need help please

yesterday onyl … i transferred busd from binance to trust wallet & transaction shows completed in binance & bsc scan both … but busd didn’t come up in my trust wallet … from yesterday i feel soo cfucked up in this … i’ve sent all my details in trust wallet support … but there is no response from them …

binance is saying funds got successfully out from our side soo u must have to talk with reciver only & ask them to transfer back to binance …
anybody have any idea where i can get reply from trust wallet ??


Can someone please help me? I am a beginner and I think I did something wrong. All my funds are missing from my wallet. And I have no idea what to do

I bought some safemoon yesterday. And had a little bit of bnb left because of the transaction fees. So last night I swapped the bnb tot safemars. On the website of safemarscrypto and connected my wallet. After that my whole wallet was empty. Can anyone tell me if I did something wrong?

After BNB swap to Smart Chain then sent Smart Chain to ElonGate (copied from bscscan recipient address token). I bought wrong in the manage of token in SmartChain instead of ElonGate… Nothing show on my trust wallet which I suppose to added a token on my main wallet first before go to pancake connect then add ElonGate token to buy… I went wrong way and I hope can fix it asap.

The recipient numbers - Transaction Hash: (success) 0x90bd49827adfeb1d9bc66a268c488a05af80de74211e63a1ad39626ee1606610

I bought BUSD via the trust wallet buy button. Moonpay sent me an e-mail 26 hours ago that my BUSD is sent to my wallet. The destination wallet matches my wallet adress. On the explorer binance org website it says the BUSD already belong to my assets. However, my trust wallet is empty. How can I get in contact with Trust wallet support for this issue?
Are there more people with the same issue?

Kind regards


Ive send safehaven tokens from bitrue to my trust wallet but cant see any of them. Ive enabled the trust haven tokens on trust wallet. Can someone help me how to retrieve them. Admins pls respond.

I’m used BNB smart contract to purchase altcoins on pancake swap, but I have not received the alt coins yet. The status shows sent, how long does it normally take? I did this hrs ago.


I Pancake swapped some Smart Chain BNB to Bitcoin Cash and it went through successfully but it’s not showing on my Trust Wallet. The balance shows on Pancake swap. Can you help?

Hi, I am having a similar problem as well as many other people on the Trust Wallet platform. I have not received an update or an acceptable response in 20 + hours. I think that there are many many people awaiting responses but none have come. I think that it is extremely irresponsible for a platform to continue to allow transactions to occur and to continue to collect fees when they know that the transactions will not be successful. Additionally, Trust Wallet has not put out a statement to reassure its members that they are working on the problem. They are not living up to their name Trust Wallet.


Have you received your tokens yet? I am in a similar situation. I am trying to gage how long its going to take at this point. Thank you

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I am glad to hear I am not the only person having this problem. I am trying to seek contact with trust wallet about this issue, but can’t find any ways of reaching them…

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Hi again Victor010,

I was mistaken about not receiving my tokens. I have multiple wallets and the tokens were sent to another wallet not the one I was expecting. That was my error not Trust Wallet so I want to make that clear. I have already issued an apology to Trust Wallet. However, I am still trying to resolve the issue with transaction fees for not completed transactions. Your situation is far more immediate and I pray you get it resolved.

Goldenj, I purchased some lite coin (planning to transfer to other coins) on Tuesday morning and have yet to receive the coin even though it has said “delivering” for the last two days. Anything I can do to expedite the process or have you seen that before?


I used pancake swap to buy ZIL via browser on trust wallet

Funds aren’t showing up in my wallet. Help please