Missing Matic polygon coins

Transferred my polygon Matic coins from Coinbase to Trust wallet, but they are not showing up on my trust wallet. Can someone help me?



Hi, Please try to add it as custom token. Here are the steps that you can do to manually add the token: How to Add a Custom Token

Network: Ethereum
Contract: 0x7d1afa7b718fb893db30a3abc0cfc608aacfebb0
Decimals: 18

Followed your prescribed steps but my coins still show (zero) 0. What else must I do?

@dashboy979 click on token you added above and screenshot then send it here.

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Community Board gives error saying I now cannot embed media in message.

I followed steps yet this is what shows in my trust wallet:

Can you try this?
Tap on the upper right corner in your wallet, search MATIC and enable the one with ERC20

Thank you for being patient with me. That worked perfectly for my issue.