Missing NEAR tokens

M D:
Hi ,
I have a problem ,
Recently i transfer some NEAR token my trust wallet used NEAR network

And my token lost! I cant see them in my wallet ,

In NEAR EXPLORER , the transaction status is succeed .
I searched my crypto address in NEAR EXPLORER. my tokens exist there.
But there is no token i ln my trust wallet.

App version : 3.14

Crypto address :


Hash :

Hello @Maarshi
Please see guide below:

Thank u ,
I updated the app ,
Re-import wallet ,
Check balances on NEAR explorer and the tokens exist there ,
And this token supported by trust wallet.

But i cant see them in my wallet yet :frowning:

Can you try accessing your wallet with a vpn and see if that fixes it?

I used vpn before ,
But it didnt work
Now i change server to russia .
It works.