Missing Safemoon tokens after pancake swap

I purchased Safemoon using pancake swap using trust wallet Smart chain bNb today.
My wallet showed I received 0.02% of what I was supposed to receive after the 10% tax.
When I go to bscscan I see the full amount of my coins under my account but only a very small fraction shows up in my wallet. Please assist. Thanks!


I’m having the same issues…did you find a solution? This is very frustrating especially when you’re doing everything correctly

I have the same problem, I had 4.893.225.645,706 safemoon = 65.113,62 USD . After swap for busd 18.000 Usd I have 2.699.758.995,6539 = 34.565,65 USD. The % of this it’s nos correct my amount of safemoon it can’t be so low after that transaction.


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Would be interested to hear the response on this. Also will we receive back our fee for the failed swap of binance to binance smart chain attempts last night??

I have the same issue! Where can we get help from trustwallet? Do they have customer support??

Same issue…oh and the 5 Cake tokens I had don’t show in the wallet now either. Does this software really work ???

Hello everyone I’m having the same problem 33 million coins went down to 7 I have no idea where they went the people at trust need to get on this asap and I’ve tried all steps

Please can someone tell me how to buy coins like safemoon, FREEcoin etc each time I try to buy it I can’t find it in the list of coins available for purchases even after enabling it to appear in the home page with pricetag but still can’t buy please help thanks

Pancake Swap is a scam. I used to swap from Smart Chain BNB to Safe Moon. Pancake swap charged over 90%. Deposited $500 USD and after swap ended up with less than $50 USD. I suspect the same charges would occur if attempted to pull the money back out.

There is no customer service at Trust Wallet or Pancake Swap. I did get an automated e-mail from trust wallet telling me “Please be careful next time”.

Update. After a second uninstall and reinstall this morning, my tokens finally showed up. Either because of the ticket I submitted to [email protected] with the info requested:crypto address screenshot of wallet and version of wallet screenshot, or because they had a backlog and finally caught up.
Suggest you also reinstall the app (but make sure you first take a
pic/make copy of your recovery code or it’s QR code) or submit a ticket.
I added helpful messages yesterday but today they are still not posted and waiting approval.
Good luck all!

My support email came from [email protected].
You can try emailing them with the info in my earlier post.

I am having the same issue as well, I lost a lot of tokens after pancake swap too!
I also lost safe moon tokens after transferred it between my trust wallets :frowning_face:

Did you check bscscan? It gives you the complete transaction info including the number of tokens, exchange rate and fees.

Same Problem but with $ASS token. I bought 5 billion coins and later i bought 33 billion and now i lost the 5 billion and its only showing the 33 billion i just got

Hi everyone, if you are referring to the USD price that is being displayed in the app, read here: SAFEMOON price not updating - #4 by iamdeadlyz

The same applies to other tokens. The price of CMC and Pancakeswap might not match instantly.