Missing tokens from trade

Hi I sold some KIBA on Pancake swap via poocoin and I only authorised for 0.5 BNB but extra went through. I have received the 0.5 BNB but not the extra.

Here is more info:

  1. Trust Wallet App Version: 6.11 (6111)

  1. Crypto wallet address

  1. Transaction hash or link


  1. The red circled amount in the following screenshot is what I haven’t received

I’d be really grateful if you could look into this and give me advice please.

Many thanks,

Hello @MartynJH
Did you perhaps read on the tokenomics of this coin if they charge you a certain amount or percentage when you withdraw or swap?

It wasn’t as much as that or I would’ve held. Can you check? I struggle with the contracts! Can you see where that $161 went? Thank you!

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