Missing TRX from Pancake Swap Transaction


I swapped BNB for TRX using the pancake swap dapp link on the trust wallet app. My transaction was successful completed (with a message), but I can’t find the TRX in my Wallet balance (even after adding the token). Please help!

Transaction hash: 0xd4c5963a60f60997a385d51b6d7db1a699fc5a5283722d96b95864c10f3f51ff

Hi, Please try to add it as custom token. Here are the steps that you can do to manually add the token: How to Add a Custom Token

Token details:-
Network: Smart Chain
Contract: 0x85eac5ac2f758618dfa09bdbe0cf174e7d574d5b
Decimals: 18

Thanks so much @Alan47 . That worked perfectly.

However I still have one challenge. I swapped for the Tron because I wanted to transfer my usdt to my exchange platform, which requires TRX.

But now I have the TRX and yet it’s showing my TRX balance as zero. Upon further enquiry I noticed that my TRX is bep20 which is different from the one required for USDT transfer.

Pls help. How do I convert the TRX to the type acceptable for the transfer?

@MayorPaul check this guide on how to swap your TRX BEP20 To native TRX: Convert Binance-Peg Tokens to Native Assets

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@Alan47 thanks a million! I’ve been able to convert the TRXB to native TRX with your provided guide.