Missing usdt coin

How do I recover my USDT coin back to trust wallet. I sent it through trustwallet to polonix exchange since 200 days ago. It is yet to reach polonix exchange but if I check with BsScan chain it is still there.

Hello @anu4kwan Please contact the customer support of Poloniex so they can assist you with the deposit issue.

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To be sincere i wrote to them. They said it is beyond them. that i sent it to wrong address.
This is the address i sent it to.bnb19mx9rgdan453t6ujejamuvwcmsaugmmxz3584d. while this is my address.
i need help to retrieve my 300 dollars

@anu4kwan nothing we can do from our side. Confirmed blockchain transactions can’t be reversed. You may consider it lost. Be careful next time double check before transacting.