Missing usdt coin

How do I recover my USDT coin back to trust wallet. I sent it through trustwallet to polonix exchange since 200 days ago. It is yet to reach polonix exchange but if I check with BsScan chain it is still there.

Hello @anu4kwan Please contact the customer support of Poloniex so they can assist you with the deposit issue.

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To be sincere i wrote to them. They said it is beyond them. that i sent it to wrong address.
This is the address i sent it to.bnb19mx9rgdan453t6ujejamuvwcmsaugmmxz3584d. while this is my address.
i need help to retrieve my 300 dollars

@anu4kwan nothing we can do from our side. Confirmed blockchain transactions can’t be reversed. You may consider it lost. Be careful next time double check before transacting.

Hi Dear All Users Trust Wallet. Please / Very Please Help Me. I have a Problem Import Me Account Smartphone Trust Wallet - to to be extended in a web browser.
I’m using Microsoft Windows 10. I’m using the recommended browser which is Brave - and I still can’t import a Crypto account after the 12-word phrase. Will I get any specific solutions - for Microsoft Windows 10 - for Brave browser?

Hello @safir1608xx What do you mean exactly ? What’s wrong ? Can you check this out :

Please be informed that we will never ask for your seed phrase or money; talk to you via email, WhatsApp, Telegram, or other platforms. Be vigilant against scammers and impersonators, and report them to us immediately.

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I would like to present - simply the details of this problem - in a short Video. It’s important to me. Please help me. My account limitations do not allow me to upload a short video file - which I recorded on my Laptop.

What is the solution available - if I get disconnected from the website - when I try to enter a 12-word phrase?

I recorded this problem - for a short Video. Luke

I have this situation right now. This is urgent. The limitation for me is the inability to send the Video file that I recorded in the link to the Google Cloud.

I have restrictions on my Trust Wallet account. I cannot send videos.
I don’t really know how I would successfully do it - ie… how I would present the details - of this problem if I don’t have a way to publish a short Video.

When I try to add a Video file, I get the message >

Sorry, the file you are trying to upload is not authorized (authorized extensions: jpg, jpeg, png, gif, heic, heif, webp).

It doesn’t work what you are talking about. Watch the video I post on YouTube.

I am using the stable version of the Brave browser for Windows 10.

I kindly ask that my post be sent to the Developers - trust wallet - who are working on the development of the browser plug-in - Brave on Windows 10.

Hello everyone on the forum. Today I am going to add a Video on YouTube. I am sending a link to the video. Hoping he doesn’t reject my post. Luke

I’m trying to add a YouTube link > Trust Wallet - No Work Enlargement - YouTube

If it disconnects me all the time - from the extension in the Brave browser - which according to information is to be supported.

Dear Customer Support Trust Wallet, I am writing a request to you. How long will these technical problems last, except that I am disconnected from the extension in the Brave browser for the Microsoft Windows 10 operating system?

How long will it take to regenerate and fix the problem that occurs in version 1.2.2 extension for the Brave browser - for Microsoft Windows. 10. I really don’t know which of the browsers to be supported will allow you to successfully import your Trust Wallet account, and successfully connect to your Ledger hardware wallet? After June 15, 2023 I’m supposed to pick up my friends from the airport and my Beloved Mom. Why can’t I talk to the developer of Trust Portfolio right now? Please connect me to the Trust Wallet Developer - who fixes bugs. Need to know all the details. It’s really not comfortable for me - because I don’t need to have logged-in access to my Crypto account. Although there will still be problems to collect my Cryptocurrencies. I know how badly I was treated by MoonPay staff and Ramp staff. But well, I’m not here to point the finger. I’m here to ask for help. If this is the place where I can ask for the regeneration of the trust wallet extension - for the brave browser - for Microsoft Windows 10 - then thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am really a man who had problems some time ago with the fact that MoonPay - without giving reasons - disconnected my trading account. Not allowing me to Re-Verify my account. Therefore, I wanted to ask if it is possible to successfully update the Trust Wallet extension for the Brave browser - for Microsoft Windows 10 - so that after the Update there is no disconnection - when trying to enter 12 words of the phrase - i.e. when trying to import a Crypto account.

It says that creating an account - a new one is also limited - also disconnects like when I want to import an account. When I want to connect to the Ledger hardware wallet - I have the same as when choosing Import - that is, it disconnects when entering 12 words into the columns.

I saw the video there is no problem, when the menu appears type your words… for the 24 words just click on the 12 words menu you should see the 24 words menu click on it , should allow you to type the 24 words too .

Hello comunity.


The income and expenses reflected in my wallet on June 6 give me a balance of 0 funds when I should have a balance of $4860 USDT in my wallet, could you help me understand why this is happening and how can I recover the funds?

The followings are the inconme and outcome of my wallet.
Wallet: “TS54bxEXXj3BvDnT8nyZHfo49gBE8c62YD”
Trustwallet Version: 8.7 (760)
59,999.00 USDT
780.00 USDT
5,674 USDT
72,935 USDT
Total 147,200.11 USDT

-60,660.00 USDT
-7,750.00 USDT
-5,670.00 USDT
-68,261.73 USDT
Total 142,341.73

147,200.11 USDT(Income) – 142,341.73 = 4,858.38 USDT + I had 900.00 USDT In the account

Hello @criptora the wallet is empty see :