Missing XLM, need help!

me too
i lost all coins

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Hi @erebusss, please give the following information as well.

address wallet? where is that?

Press the coin or token that you are referring to as missing, select Receive, take a screenshot, then attach it here.

my wallet empty
i have not any coins now
my all coins missed after recovery

Please do not upload personal information here. Kindly comply with the requested information:

Your 100 XLM is still in your wallet: Stellar Lumens - XLM Coin Value & Explorer

Please try to use mobile data instead of WiFi, then pull down to refresh the balance of XLM. If it does not work, use VPN as well while the mobile data is switched on.

hi tnx
i try but it did not work

Please do the following:

  • Get your recovery phrase (guide: Backup your Recovery Phrase or Private Key)
  • Go to BIP39 - Mnemonic Code
  • Enter your recovery phrase
  • Select XLM in the list of coins
  • Scroll down to the derived addresses
  • Once you find it, get the private key. On the rightmost part of the columns, the private key is displayed there.
  • Open the Trust Wallet app
  • Go to the settings, then select wallets
  • Press the “+” sign located at the top right corner
  • Select “I already have a wallet”, scroll down and choose Stellar, select private key then import the one that we got earlier.
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