Mistaken address help

Good day. I mistakenly sent PLA to my eth address instead of vechain address. Now it’s not showing 8n my coin list. Kindly what to do?

Please be careful when sending your assets, this process is irreversible and may result to loss of funds.
There is still a way to recover your assets, you can follow this guide to get your ETH private key.
And afterwards, import the Private Key as a VET wallet.

Okay. Thanks but PLA can not be recover since it’s just a coin. It was launch on Vechain block chain. So how do I go about that?

Since this token (PLA) resides on the Vechain (VET) network, you just need to get access to your VET wallet.

Yeah now I got access to my vetchain wallet but the PLA is not in there. Or am I doing something wrong?. In step 3 I choose VeChain and not ethereum. Or am I to choose ethereum? Since I sent the PLA to eth address

You need to get the ETH private key.

Meaning I have to select the ethereum right?

Yes, you need to select ETH. Because that is where the tokens were sent in the first place.
Once you have the ETH Private key, import a VET wallet using this key.

I just did that and still the PLA token is not displayed in the VET chain.

Maybe I need to add as custom token but I don’t have their details
Contract address
Decimal etc

Can you provide to me the address where you sent the tokens?
After checking further, VET based tokens is indeed not yet supported by the app.
However, since you have the private keys, you can use that on any other wallet that has support for these tokens.

Dear moderator,

I initially Set up an account with you through Binance. I wanted to cash out money to my
Wallet LiteBit. Something however went wrong. When I wanted to send btcb to the btcb address of my external litebit wallet. The trust wallet app would state that the bnb address was invalid. I used the deposit address of bnb on my litebit account instead and haven’t received my funds even though the transaction was marked as successful on the trust wAllet could u please help me ? Best behdad

I am not familiar with this LiteBit wallet. Can you show me screenshots of this app?