My ETH suddenly disappeared from my wallet

Dear TW

Please rectify the issue with my ETH as I transfered at October 19th 2021 but today 26.10 .2021 my amount is 0.


:warning: Balance is now displaying well.

ETH nodes were temporarily out of sync. There were issues with seeing and sending/receiving ETH and ERC20 tokens.

Issue has been fixed.

Thank you and sorry for the inconveniences

If you still can’t see your tokens, re-import your wallet: How to Re-Import your Wallet

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My ETH and Matic Tokens are missing.
I had it couple of hours ago. Its showing in etherscan website but not showing in trust wallet. I even tried to re- import the wallet. Still same issue persists. Please help me :sos:

TOKEN ADDRESS - 0xDDA47A4c0ed84826A27399084d889732E14b5708

I have tried even importing wallet multiple times still same issue.


I have zero balance for my Shiba inu, Kuma inu, Hina inu and eth help please


My ETH coins are still showing ‘0’, even after re-import of my wallet.

Please help me with this.


Same problem here, and I’ve followed all the steps and still nothing. Frustrating!

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Same here, I already reimported my wallet and still have the same problem


Same here as well. Funds are on the bock chain, re-imported wallet. Still 0 balance for ETH.

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Here is what happened to my shiba inu and I’m not the one that perform the transaction

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I bought Babydoge tokens from ETH, had 5 Billion, now 0… Why is that???


Yeah… me too… suddenly my ETH balance become zero… what happen? Please help and fixed it back…


Guys you need to delete the app and reinstall it - but don’t forget to write your recovery phrase somewhere safe!!


Still same problem. Nothing in there it is heartbreaking to see like this

As mentioned, delete and reinstall the app, keep your recovery phase safe. Was freaking out this morning but all is well again.


Tengo el mismo problema, mis fondos eth han desaparecido, figura en 0. Tengo actualizada y ya importe nuevamente la app. Alguien sabe como solucionarlo? Gracias.

Hi as sb mentioned in the comments just you need to reinstall it but know that you must have your backup code otherwise you can’t get into ur account

ok, deleting the wallet and re-importing didn’t fix the issue. completely deleting the app then re-installing and re-importing fixed my issue.

Hi My Shib tokens are gone. What should I do? Today my tokens are suddenly gone, can you help me?

All of my HEX have disappeared, 0 transaction just disappeared out of thin air. What is going on?

You not the only one all my Shiba inu disappeard i had them sins may this year