My Incoming Transaction Is Not Showing

Where is my Crypto?

Recently we have been received a small amount of reports that incoming transactions have not been appearing on the app. But, upon checking the address on blockchain explorers, the transactions are there. Why?

Trust Wallet is not able to display internal and multi-send transactions on the ETH network. These transactions are already received on the address. The blockchain explorer will show all the details. The app is just not able to show them. Your funds are #SAFU.

We always recommend checking your transactions on public explorers like Etherscan.

Multi-Send Transactions

Some ERC20 tokens are being distributed through this method. The main reason is because it is easier to send to several addresses rather than doing them individually.
Here is an example:

The token balance for this address is not equal to the number of incoming transactions.

Upon closer inspection of the address on Etherscan, it shows that there are several transactions that came in. Let us do some further investigation on this address.

The transaction that shows on the app is the oldest one.
Why is it showing while the others are not?
Because the transaction is just a simple token send.

Here is one of the recent transactions that came in, and shows only on Etherscan.
The app does not display the transaction. Why?
Because, this was a multi-send transaction of a token to several addresses.

Internal Transactions

There are some custodial services or platforms that uses a smart contract in creating transactions.
Here is an example:

The ETH balance on this address is higher and there is only a few incoming ETH transactions.

Upon closer inspection of the address on Etherscan, it shows that there are some Internal transactions that came in.

Here is how an internal transaction looks. This was a DEX sending the ETH to the address.

Funds are on the blockchain

Trust Wallet is a non-custodial wallet. There are no funds stored on the app. Whatever happens on the network is recorded on a public blockchain. These addresses are all on the blockchain and are always receiving transactions whenever crypto is sent to them.

The app just enables the user to access these address.