My KIN did not migrated

For anyone asking and giving the KIN (stellar) addresses, please check this guide first before asking: How to Migrate Kin Tokens to Solana Wallet. You can check if it’s migrated or not.

  • If it is migrated, follow the guide.
  • If not, wait for the KIN foundation to migrate it.


Hi Trust Wallet Team! I just want to ask why my KIN did not appear on my SOL wallet and seems that my KIN migration was unsuccessful even if I followed all the instructions on how to migrate KIN and yet it did not appear.

My procedures that I had taken were the following:

Step1. I Imported my KIN 12 phrase from my orinaginal wallet where my KIN token is stored.
Step2. After importing it (KIN phrase), I got its private key and then pasted it on my SOL selected wallet, and pasted it under private key option. Then I clicked the imported button.
Step3. I enabled my KIN token on my SOL wallet by tapping the toggle button.

All of the instructions were being followed! But why my
KIN did not migrated. Thanks.

Screenshot_20210208-083437_Trust Wallet|247x500


Hi @Trustbear13,

Please copy and paste your KIN address here (not a screenshot, the address starts with “G”).




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Based on Token Migration -, you got the correct wallet address: 9nQz5Pm6hnMSmKuYpZtsotLyACEoyjACMt71pdyrkT9c
Explorer | Solana

Upon checking, it looks like they weren’t able to swap your tokens. Even though you got the KIN before the migration: Kin Explorer

Please contact the KIN team about this: Contact Us -


Oh my goodness. Okay thanks for the immediate response and help. :slight_smile:


Do you have an answer from kin?

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I would like to migrate my kin from atomic wallet to trus wallet
Someone help me it’s doesn’t work

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" The transaction failed because of an invalid account. Please check your account values"


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Try to get the recovery phrase from Atomic Wallet then follow this guide:

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I have the phrase recovery from my atomic wallet. I don’t understand what it’s for I have. I reread 10 x the tutorial but I don’t understand the purpose.

Is the phrase recovery used to restore my atomic wallet on the wallet trust? It doesn’t make sense, I’m lost.

When I create the trust wallet I have to create a wallet of the old KIN? or the KIN SPL?

Should I use

I created a multi-currency wallet trust wallet with the phrase recovery from atomic but the kin balance is still 0

my kin on atomic wallet are no longer available now, I don’t know where they are

They are not visible on trust wallet either.

I see them here but I don’t understand …
I don’t know how to access them

When I put the private key of my atomic wallet in my kin wallet i see my kin


Hi, I am writing again.

Sorry, I wrote a wrong Kin Adress

I have a migration problem, imported correctly kin wallet and after that solana wallet, but there is no Kin SPL

My kin adress is:


Thank you very much.



Me too I have the same problem regarding the migration of my KIN to Solana Blockchain. KIN support did not answer my email to them.


Hi @Mikel1,

Same issue with you. The KIN Foundation wasn’t able to migrate your KIN. Check here: Explorer | Solana

Please contact them about it.


My Kim doesn’t migrate …


Hello @Rathomi,

What is your KIN (stellar) address?

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That my kin address

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Kin Team is not answering.


@Rathomi, looks like your KIN wasn’t migrated as well.

Explorer | Solana


@Trustbear13, I see…unfortunately, they are the only ones who can process the migration. Try to send a follow up message.


Hello i have a migration problem , i did
all of the process. Still they didn’t migrate. I have sent an email to the kin support and the recommend me to see it with the app support.


Hi @Rockef2,

What is your KIN (stellar) address?