My wallet is empty afrer import

After I reinstalled the app and entered my recovery phrase an empty wallet opens. The 12-word phrase is 100% correct. What I should do in order to recover my funds? I only have the 12-word phrase and I assure you it is correct.


What is the response?

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Kindly provide any of the address in the wallet where you are sure you have fund in for inspection.

Waiting for your reply

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I should have 4 Dogecoins right here:

I have checked your address on the Blockchain and it seems you have 4.02doge in it.
If this address you got it from the wallet you just imported, then your funds are SAFU. What you need to do now is to add the coins to the view, follow this guide to do that How to Add or Remove a Coin

I think i understanded wrong.That adress is from my lost wallet.This is the one from my imported wallet(which i told you is empty):


Hi @Cabrilo,

Try to follow this guide and check if the previous DOGE address is there: How To Recover Funds Sent to a Wrong Public Address

//Additional note: Select DOGE in the “Coin” part

Is this the only asset you have in your lost wallet?
If there are other asset I’ll advice you to look for the recovery phrase of the old wallet else you’ve lost all coins.
Always remember to back up all your wallets somewhere and give it a name both in the app and offline so you can know which wallet is which.

Try to follow the advice of @iamdeadlyz and see if that helps.

Thanks a lot for your patience.I have my recovery phrase but it simply doesnt work.When i paste it TrustWallet show me a empty wallet.I dont understand why i cant recover my wallet if i enter the correct recovery phrase

Did you try to follow the solution that I have mentioned earlier? Using that one, you can check whether you are using the correct recovery phrase or not. Since the DOGE address that is presumably yours should appear at the top of the derived addresses list.

I think you should post a screenshot of the wallet address you said you just recovered the phrase here (cover the private keys, do not share them) but be sure to follow the guide How To Recover Funds Sent to a Wrong Public Address to determine if that address is linked to the recovery phrase you have.