Need Help retrieving Holo Token sent to Theta wallet inside Trust wallet

Hello all! In need of help please! Accidentally sent Holo Tokens to Trust with Theta address instead of Holo address. Tokens were sent and can be verified by Etherscan but they do not appear in the Theta wallet or the HOT wallet. I have my private key, but recovering wallets does not have a HOT wallet option either. Not sure how to move it out of Theta and into Holo when I can’t see them on the Trust app at all. Please help!


Hello you need to get the private key to your wallet to be able to recover your funds
You can use this guide

Once you have your private key, you can import as an Ethereum wallet and add HOLO tokens manually.


Thanks so much! I needed that last piece about using an Etherium wallet! Thanks so much!

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